new workshop

AB Autos has been repairing and refinishing cars for over 12 years and has recently (Jan 2005) moved into larger premises. We take a pride in our work and take time to ensure that finish and colour match are to a high standard using high quality materials, parts and tools to do the job in hand.

Plastics have become a large part of vehical make up and a few years ago we started to specialise in the repair of plastics. Now it accounts for more than 50% of our total business. We are constantly looking at the latest repair equipment, techniques, and materials so that we can provide a top quality service at reasonable rates.

This does not mean that we no longer do the more traditional body damage repairs - we still do that as well. As always, if the damage to your parts is too bad to repair we can supply new parts at a discounted rate.

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Updated with new email address 6th February 2011.